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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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((Skipping Stefan, trying to stay in activity))

"Man, we... we gotta do something, this is just stupid-crazy now..."

Craig rubbed his face to catch every bead of sweat dropping off of it, desperate to disprove the unfallible myths spread by that loudspeaker. "I didn't think... oh god, I didn't think any of us would be... be EVIL enough to actually kill anybody else! Shit, these guys make the Joker proud with how they've made us all nuts!"

Craig was about to continue his rant to Trent when he heard a voice... the voice of somebody who was rather familiar to him. Craig paused for a moment... a loooooooong moment as he dwelt on who the voice could have belonged to. The memory of any day at Bayview felt like a flashback to years passed, despite the fact that just a week ago, Craig would've been in school. Or maybe he'd be at home, since it was the weekend. He honestly wasn't sure... how many days was it? Was this day 2? Day 3? Was time flying when he clearly wasn't ha-

Owen. The voice was Owen.

"BUBBLE BOBINSKI!" Craig shouted, standing up as he looked for the voice. He wasn't thinking very clearly about it, but the words that he shouted probably would've sounded like a non-sequiteur to anybody not in the know, but Owen? The tiny boy would've remembered the friendly nickname offered to him by the largest guy in Bayview, and a fast friend to boot. But... Owen was nowhere to be seen.

"... Owen?"
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