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Cisco didn't get an immediate reply to his question, as both he and Joe found themselves paying a little too much attention to the announcements to do so. Unfortunately, when that reply came, it came as sudden as a swing of that scythe out of goddamn motherfucking nowhere.

"Of course everything isn't fucking all right! My best friend died horribly and got ruthlessly mocked over the announcements, and another person I was reasonably close to has been going on a batshit insane killing spree, you fucking idiot!" Joe snapped back.

Such violent reaction caused Cisco to curl up in his spot bracing. He closed his eyes and almost started sobbing, expecting nothing short of a drawn-out, painful (and most importantly, over-dramatic) demise. He didn't usually pay attention to who-dated-who in school, let alone who-was-mostly-likely-to-murder-who, and clearly there was a price for not doing his proverbial homework.

"Oh God...Joe..." he whimpered as he shivered, "I'm sorry..."

"Sorry... I didn't mean to get angry at you. It's not your fault, you couldn't possibly have known that I was close to Rose or Reiko," Joe apologized. That was excuse enough to calm Cisco's nerves for the time being, as he straightened up somewhat and wiped off whatever sweat suddenly beaded on his forehead away with a bandaged arm.

"Still, saying this is an unwelcome development would be just a bit of an understatement," Joe added. "Seriously, what the fuck, it's like the universe is out to get me or something."

Cisco nodded in almost sheepish approval. It wasn't exactly a secret that people were generally out to try to screw Death over as much as they could before the inevitable. Some got lucky, others worked for it. It bought them time (particularly those that made deals with the Reaper), or merely hastened the process. But Death got everyone in the end, including his minions.

And, as luck would hopefully have it, the source of what seemed like talking in very, very close vicinity.

"Do you hear that?" the green-haired minion asked, putting a finger to his mouth and looking around. He slowly pried his hand into the sleeve of his vinyl, his fingertips slowly making their way down the metallic edge of the circular sawblade within toward the hole that he figured was its 'grip.' But he didn't draw it out, not yet. He didn't want whoever he intended to use this against to know that he had a lethal weapon (which, unbeknownst to him, actually did have the potential to seriously mess someone the fuck up.)

"Someone's nearby...very...very close..." he added, the edges of his mouth twisting upward into a very sinister grin.
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