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((Godmodding and Timeskip approved by both Ben and Chelsea.))

His broken plea would fall on deaf ears. All they had to do was get this boy out of the water and come to his senses, everything would be just fine. However, that deluded thought only lasted for a split second as his voice quickly became louder and stronger from it's just defeated tone.


And just as suddenly as depression turned to a blade, that blade struck a vein. His words were as thick and as red as blood, and the anger behind them was pure fire.


Jacob's outburst caught Colin completely off guard. The sudden anger, coming from nowhere, a last well of energy; a final resort. Not a moment ago, Jacob was about to take his own life, the ocean oddly symbolic of his depression, wading through it, deeper and deeper to his final release. However this particularly affluent metaphor was lost on the stunned Colin as he was knocked flat onto his butt. In the middle of the ocean. The water reached his neck, and luckily it didn't go any farther. Because Colin probably would have started flailing. Regardless of the fact that Colin was now soaked to his core, Jacob continued his rant. So many insults, so many names that didn't even fit, Colin couldn't quite make sense of all of it. However, the name that he began to scream at the end of it all did spark a memory.


".....Fourteenth was a true tragedy as our resident Nazi, Rob Jenkins, broke up a happy lovers' reunion by shooting Paige Strand... which I guess is what her boyfriend is now!"

Oh. Shit.

This realization made Colin's mind go blank as well as his face, completely missing the boy go skittering up the beach like a tarantula on crack. He just wanted to apologize. He suddenly understood why Jacob wanted to end it all.

But for some reason that he couldn't cognate, he couldn't let him do it.

This was the first time in Colin's life that he had trouble making an idea, a thought, a reason into words.

He just couldn't let him do it.

"Wait!" His head swiveled to and fro, his panicked look growing as he couldn't find the figure. And then it hit him how long he had been stunned for. And he looked back to the fire to see Jacob's unconcious body illuminated a soft red and yellow from the lapping flames, and he finally let out a sigh of relief. "Whew... Maybe he'll be a bit calmer when he wakes up... Maybe we can actually help. Now, can you help me up?" He forced out an obviously fake chuckle, thrusting his hand from the dark blue tides, his eyes gingerly falling on Tim. And as his friend reached down to help him up, he debated a quick embrace as thanks for everything he had put up with so far. Surely, it would have been more bearable for Tim to have gone off with some other friend.

But he didn't. Instead, Colin just waded for the shore. "Shit. I only brought one set of clothes... At least I can dry these..." While he mused to himself, he set over towards where Jacob laid in the sand, slowly rolling him over so that he didn't manage to drown on dry land. What he saw about the boy horrified him though; a feature revealed in the light of the fire.

There was a bullet hole. In his leg. Colin's eyes went wide as he began to panic. This wasn't nearly as bad as the injuries that Tony had sustained in the tunnel; Jacob's leg could be saved with proper medical treatment. However, there was no proper medical treatment on this island. However, the did have small first aid kits. In a rush, Colin ripped his from his bag, the shirt of his only other set of clothes falling to the sand as he cast it carelessly aside. "Scissors... Band-Aids... What in the hell are we supposed to do with thes- Oh thank god Gauze." This was just like when he was a kid and mom treated his scrapes. Only on a massive scale. A bit of anti-biotic on the Gauze... And apply the gauze, medical tape to hold it down. Keep the thing from getting infected. However unfortunate, it looked like the worst of the damage had been done. If it was going to get infected... It was probably actually going to get infected, no matter what he did. "We need to get him out of the sand. Do you have a sleeping bag or a blanket or something we can lay down for him?"

Either way, they would sit for a day and await Jacob's recovery. Colin was too emotionally drained and physically tired to move. His current set of clothes ended up draped on sticks and stuck in the sand near the fire to dry, the only other set he had thought to bring adorning his body not a few short minutes after he had tended to the other boy. Every few hours he glanced to Jacob, looking for signs of stirring, looking for any signs of deterioration. He may not have had much of an idea what he was doing, but he sure as hell cared.
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