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((Goodnight and Go---------------->Clio Gabriella))

What must one do if they stop functioning like a normal person again?

Clio pondered this. She was a thinker, not a rational one, but she thought. Would this actually work, stopping herself from killing? If she did manage to stop herself, then she was basically a goner on this island full of the people who'd turned, like in a zombie flick. If she didn't, there would be nothing for her back home, since she'd be ostracised from the rest of society for being, plain and simple, a murderer. A murderer of children, to be precise, and that didn't even bode well for anyone in any situation.

It had to have been so long since she'd wanted to stop that it was becoming tiresome even thinking about it. Soon, she was at her final destinations: the cliffs. These things were the ledges that dove off into the real world, where people didn't have a care. Why only a mere few hours ago, she was considering throwing herself off these same cliffs just to get out of the game.

She had since reworked that theory.

As she got closer, she found herself blocked by a fence. Only waist high, nothing totally insurmountable like in many a media. Stretching her legs, Clio climbed her way over the chain link, and looked around.

It was the cliffs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Although there seemed to be a rather dead body lurking out of her range of sight, she couldn't see anything that would pose a remote threat to her.

Perhaps this was the time to get some sleep.

Looking around, she was mildly surprised to see people already here. No such luck in that department then. She supposed it was foolish of her to assume that they wouldn't go to a place clearly marked on the map.

Chances were they didn't know her, so she stepped forward to get a better look at the three.

Yes, there were three of them. One of them, a guy with a massive beard that she swore she had met before, was crying on the ground. She could truly empathise with him after so much time was spent doing the same thing. It was getting too much for any of them to handle really. The other person, a girl, she didn't recognise. That wasn't much of a surprise, since she wasn't much of a social butterfly, no matter how much she told her parents and others.

The other kid...she knew she had seen before!

It was the guy at the hut, a few days ago!

So...he survived then?

"Umm....hello?" Clio spoke out, hoping to grab their attention. If they knew who she was...she was fucked.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

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cause I found my treasure in you
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