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The faceless fear
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((Extreme super light GMing approved by Inky))

“Thanks Stacy!” Sarah said brightly, taking the bag from her friend.

She turned back to examine Brendan’s wound, stopping the waterflow when the bottle ran out. Blood was beginning to ooze out of the wound again. Reaching into her first aid kit, she withdrew the tweezers, surgical tape and a large cotton pad, which she attached to the tweezers and dipped liberally into the iodine solution provided with the kit. Once it was soaked through, looked at Brendan and slid something into his hands. Two wads of cloth.

“I want you to clench your fists on these because this will hurt.” She said calmly as she began to clean the open parts of the wound that she could reach, making sure not to tear it open any further.

She kept her mind focused on her work. The more she focused, the less she could think about what happened at the clinic. The less she could focus on Jaclyn’s missing face and Charlotte’s speared-through body.

Once the wound was clean enough, she held the edges shut as tight as she could and taped it shut with the surgical tape. It wouldn’t hold, but since their destination was close, it would do until she could stitch it shut properly. She put a bandage over it, winding it down tight enough to squeeze Brendan’s leg. With any luck, the blood would partially clot and she wouldn’t have as much work to do when they arrived.

She still wasn’t sure if they could wait on the stitches but at this point, they didn’t quite have a choice. She needed a place for Brendan to lie down. She needed a place for her “field hospital”.

“Don’t put any weight on that foot at all if you can.” She said, uncertain.

She put the first aid kit back into the bag filled with the items she got from the clinic, mostly bottles of various medicines. She was going to have to visit the infirmary later to get more medications.

((Sarah Tan continues elsewhere.))
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