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Letting out something that she vaguely remembered as being a laugh (she hadn't laughed in three days, and couldn't remember going that long without ever before in her life), Helen lay back on the grass and settled the back of her head in the palms of her hands. She felt... strangely content. As if she coud just about forget the world she was in. Izzy seemed the most friendly of the three, she felt strangely put out by the other two, but she forced herself to be fair. These were, after all, unfortunate circumstances to be meeting people in.

"Sounds like my attempts at the clarinet," she said good naturedly, taking off her glasses to clean them as the last rays of sun bounced off the flecks of dirt that had been obscuring her vision. "Problem was I was actually in the band," Helen added lightly, cleaning the other lens and attempting to drop the glasses at arms length back onto her face. When they fell a couple of inches to the left of her head, she picked them up, rearranging herself into a sitting position, legs sprawled in front of her.

Seconds later, Tyler appeared from somewhere. Shading her eyes to get a better look at him, she watched as he asked to join their party. Helen glanced at the others, not really feeling that she had the authority to formally invite him to join them, she had, after all, been there for all of ten minutes, whereas it appeared that the other three had spent the best part of the last three days together. Helen shrugged her vague seal of approval to the others, wanting to make some kind of gesture at least.
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