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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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Josée positioned herself comfortably against the outer wall of the cave and listened to the conversation between Remy and Katelyn.

"Do you think it's a good idea to try talking to them with that... you know... uh... megaphone?"

Josée was unsure about this idea, what if these people were murderous, they could take Katelyn out in an instant. Still, if worse came to the worst at least she could say that it was Remy's fault. But not even she wanted it to come to that, perhaps if she positioned herself behind a tree so that if they were murderers, she could catch them by surprise with the Blackjack. so Josée stepped behind one of the nearby towering trees and waited for Katelyn to give her signel. But no signal came. She seemed scared, Josée didn't blame her to be frank; perhaps Remy should be the one making the message. Josée laughed to herself at the thought of this, but she remained behind the tree, Blackjack in hand.
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