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((Ugh, writers block... Craptastic post ahoy))

Gary's head was filled with scary thoughts. Even if he did what he just did to clear all the doubts about his best friend being a killer, there was that small little gremlin in his head trying to discourage him. Hell, for a moment Gary was ready to run away, as one of the Rein's companions pointed A GUN at him. Gary froze in place for a little while, and Rein took that opportunity to hug him tightly.

And that was it. That was the answer he wanted to hear, even though he didn't ask any question. That girl who just exploded? Probably suicide or some weird accident. The guy with the gun? Probably just shocked and overcareful. Rein? Probably the biggest good guy on the entire planet. Gary quickly wrapped his arms around the German and put his head on his shoulder.

"Oh my God, Rein... "I knew it couldn't be you. I... I saw that girl..." He stopped right there as he felt another wave of bile coming toward his throat, and that would be the worst moment to vomit ever recorded.

Gary freed himself from Rein's embrace, and looked at the boy holding a gun and the girl telling them to go. He couldn't agree with her more. But before that, he had to calm the guy.

"My name's Gary." He said to Simon. "I'm Rein's friend and I mean no harm."

The black haired boy looked at the dead body again, and quickly shifted his look back toward his best friend.

"Rein... Let's go somewhere else, okay?"

And with those words, Gary started walking toward the forest line. For the first time since waking up in the Warehouse, his face was showing a giant smile. It seemed like everything was going to be okay now...

((Gary Griffith continued in Lean On Me))
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