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Jay's surprise and obvious nervousness was not unwarranted. Janet watched him babble endlessly, about the bodies and the blood and losing his head. She smiled, then began to laugh. It wasn't really that funny- he had a good reason to be nervous, as she had, y'know, killed someone. But at the moment, murder wasn't what was on her mind.

"A rather astute, if redundant, observation. I would say that, yes, somebody did chop this boy's head off. Additionally, in response to your question, my destination is undecided, and yes, it is warm. Not tropically. I'd imagine this island is too far North, since the forest is mostly coniferous rather than deciduous trees. However, it is not unseasonably warm for early summer, and the nights are, in the vernacular, as cold as balls."

Now for the elephant on the Ferris Wheel.

"I... I know you've heard by now. About Everett. It... I'm not proud of it. Violence is the last resort of the stupid, and the first resort of the incredibly anti-social," she said, turning away slightly.

She looked down, toward the ground. She was fortunate that Jay was so nervous- she was not a terrific actress, and someone with a grasp on the situation would probably see some tell-tale tells. "Everett... he.... He assaulted me. He had a knife, said he would gut me if I didn't give him my supplies. Well, giving up my supplies was not an option. Fortunately, he had miscalculated. I had much greater reach with my weapon.... Well, the long story short is... I won."

She cleared her throat, looking away from Jay as though composing herself, then looked back.

"Anyway, that's my side of the story. I wouldn't be surprised if Danya paints people who were just protecting themselves in an ambiguous light to sow discord among us. Anyway. What have you been doing?"
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