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"GAHHHHH!!" Jay screamed, spinning around at Janet's words. Pivoting on his heel, Jay stumbled backwards, slipping in the blood and landed smack on his ass.


Jay shut his eyes, trying not to imagine what he was sitting in. Slowly opening them he looked down at the mess, making a disgusted noise from deep in his throat. Raising his hand, now coated with the decapitated boys' blood, Jay felt his plus quicken. Ambling awkardly upwards, Jay wiped the blood on the front of his jeans before turning and trying to catch a glimpse of his backside. It didn't look good.

Aw man, it looks like I got assfucked in these! Fuckin' Shawshank Redemption, starring Jay Holland...

Jay giggled at his own private joke before turning to face the girl who had called to him. He froze, the laughter dying in his throat.

"Janet? H-hey..."

Janet. Janet Fucking Binachi. What were the odds? Jay awkwardly brought one of his shaking hands to his neck, rubbing his collar as the paranoia within him grew. If there was anyone Jay had hoped wasn't on the trip, it was Janet. He'd met the girl rather recently, at a party if he remember correctly, and he'd been near instantaneously floored by her. Alex's party if his memory served him.

Jay knew his friends, he knew Alex wouldn't go nuts or die easy. He'd heard nothing of Jasper, but he assumed dying was not on the kids' to-do list. Hayley had already killed someone, as alarming and completely fucked up as that was to hear. Jojo had been with him just a few days ago, and it was clear he was still the same ol' Jojo. Jay felt pangs of regret resonating in his mind with the memory of his sudden bolt from Jojo's group. He owed the kid, plain and simple for the way he had stood up for him. And what had he done? Run away like a little coward. It had looked like every one of Jay's friends would do fine in the event of Survival of the Fittest, barring Jay and Janet of course. Or so he'd thought.

How the fuck was I supposed to expect Janet to- to, to fucking snap and kill someone then!? I couldn't have. That just leaves lil' Stoner Jay Holland, the sole weak link, without the guts to kill and without the brains to stay alive...

"H-hey, Janet, how'set hangin'? Pretty fucked up 'ain't it. I- I just found this guy. I dunno what the fuck happened, I think someone chopped off his fucking head...."


Jay tried his hardest to keep his focus on the girl, but he kept glancing back towards the corpse, his speech slipping. Panic gripped him now, clutching him tight. Janet had killed a student, a boy named Everett. What had happened? Had he deserved it? She didn't seem fazed at all. Would she try to kill him too?

Stupid Jay stupid! Keep your eye on her! She's a killer, what are you doing looking at a fucking corpse, he's dead already, she's gonna' kill you!

"I-I've just been fuckin' around. I heard some shots earlier, I decided it was a good time to y'know, clear out- uh, you got a stick? Hockey stick? That's cool. That's cool. I saw uh, Jojo, he's with some guys. He's yeah, uh, it's pretty fucked up. I mean, I don't want to start loosin' my head or anything but..."

Jay trailed off, giggling like a little kid. Raising his bloodcovered hands to his face Jay absentmindedly began rubbing his eyes, trying to clear his head.

"Hehe, it's-it's not really that funny. But yeah, this is fucked up and I mean, look at me, I'm swearing more than Jimmy Brennan. That kids' such a fag... Apparently he's still alive an'... an' yeah, some other people..."

What the fuck are you doing making small talk!? She's killed someone! Don't fucking talk to her! Pull out your gun, shoot her in the fucking head! You can do it Jay, come on! She'll kill you, you don't want to die, not like Maria! It can't be hard, Fatty John figured out how to load a gun, you can do it to! You can get that crazy fucker who killed Maria, you- you just gotta' kill them because they're gonna kill you and you can't do shit!

"Anyways, what's up. You just been hangin' out in the uh, woods? I guess so, because we're all in the fucking woods and uh,- yeah, just... just yeah, great to see you girl, you're looking fucking amazing for being out in the woods for- for y'know, just... yeah, some bad dudes 'round here. Some guys are goin' just- just going crazy trying to keep their head...," He giggled again, trying to clear his throat.

"Wow! Yeah, I'm just wow!, it's great to see you. Fucking throat is killing me. Got any tic-tacs? So what have you been up t...-where you headed now...? I'm sweating, you sweating? It's really hot out. REAAAAAALLY hot out today..."

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