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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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(This feels decidedly short, but... I'm not such a fan of 'filler' details, so what the heck.)

"Yeah, that's where we're supposed to go. Meet up with the others and everything,"

"Are we ready to go?"

Kyle seemed rather keen to get moving, and Ema couldn't blame him. Just as much as the killing had set her mind in motion deciding what to do with herself on the island, Ema was still feeling the effects of witnessing death for the first time; a second time for Kyle probably wasn't much easier, especially having taken part as he did.

And so, letting out a slight sigh, the redhead nodded. "As I'll ever be. I was planning to ditch some weight, but makes more sense to do that when we get there." She made her way back over to where the makeshift camp had been, and hefted her backpack onto the shoulder not supporting the daypack, having already forgotten Hayley's offer to carry it for her. Heavy as ever, Ema found herself slouching into the weight on her back, not that poor posture was much of a legitimate worry any more. The weight did, however, remind her of what Hayley had said the night before, in response to... oh yeah, spare clothes. "So, were you going to get dressed, or are you planning to distract enemies with your boobs?"

For some reason, Ema didn't feel nearly as awkward as she ordinarily would, talking like that. She didn't want to dwell on it, though. Not like conversational taboos are the first step on a sliding scale of inhibition-loss, right?


(Presumably the group'll be leaving, following this, so if either of you would mind saving me the trouble, feel free to GM Ema following.)
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