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God was telling you "not yet".
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Hilary's ears perked up.

Voices - lots of them. They sounded like they were coming from the other side of the trail, somewhere she couldn't quite see them all. It didn't matter. Whether she could see them or not, she knew trouble was brewing, and she did not want to stick around to become a part of it.

Her eyes turned back to Omar as she decided what to do. He sat there, silently still, gazing up at the dark morning sky without a care in the world, or so it seemed. How could he be so calm? Didn't he know what'd been going on here? All the death, all the killing, every - then she remembered. At the time of the first announcement, she'd just awoken from her day-long sleep, and she hadn't really been focusing all that well on the names being rolled out of the speakers. But when she thought back, thought hard enough, she recalled something disturbing about it.

Warren... she thought to herself, her mind ticking over like the busiest clock in the world. Tick, tock, tick, tock, then suddenly, she knew. She realized why his name had stuck so well because there had been another name after it.

Warren's killer, the one who shot him in cold, cold blood.

Sierra's boyfriend.

Omar Burton.

Hilary spluttered as she tried not to shriek out loud. This boy was no star - far from it. This boy was a murdering, gun-slinging maniac, and if he saw her right now, she knew what would happen.

Quickly, quietly, she grabbed her bags and flung them over her shoulders; heavy as they were, she persevered. If she stuck around much longer, she'd end up just like Warren. That was something she intended to avoid for as long as she could. Plus, she now knew more than ever that she needed someone to protect her. If she tripped or hurt her legs in any way, she wouldn't be able to run any more. She'd be a sitting duck for anyone who wanted a cheap and easy kill.

Well screw that.

If anyone was going to kill Hilary Strand, they'd have to get through her boyfriend first.

((Hilary Strand continued in Heartbeat Symphony))
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