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#1. Brock Mason (Che Cluevara)
#2. Clio Gabriella (Inky) - Craig Hoyle (MK Kilmarnock, hero card used)
#3. Saul Fetteralf (Egads) - Luke Templeton (Egads, swap card used)
#4. Marybeth Witherspoon (Solomir)
#5. Gary Griffiths (Yossarian) - Simon Grey (Grim Wolf, hero card used)
#6. Daniel Blessing (Chibinashi)
#7. Katelyn Wescott (banthesun)
#8. Simon Fletcher (Tagabasa)

As per usual, card playing time is three days (The 28th at 8pm, GMT), whilst you have a further FIVE days to get the deaths done. (2nd of November).

Remember to link the death here when you're done, and additionally that you should only PM people for death rights/ideas if they specifically ask for it.

Happy slaughter!
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