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((It's time for some people in this here thread.))

((Michelle O'Cain continued from The start of something truly absurd.))

She was getting tired of this. Tired of running around trying to find people she'd be willing to work with in this hellhole of a game when instead she would find people who just didn't understand what it meant to have a strategy for this game. It was kill or be killed in Survival of the Fittest and the last two announcements only helped confirm that fact. She wondered how many of those names were of people she had met before. She recognized Walker-Luther at least, and while she didn't take joy in the fact that the other girl was now dead, she did feel a bit of satisfaction that she had survived and the other girl had not. She might have been conceited, but Michelle knew that she definitely had a chance to win the game...the opportunities were just not dropping on her lap, however.

For the past day and a half, she had been wandering the island. Her first move after leaving the Keys was to retrieve the bag she had left in the swamp. Luckily for her, no one else had taken it and she needed the rations, however awful they were. Any port in a storm and the food helped quiet the rumbling in her stomach and even raised her spirits just a bit...enough for her to try to get into the mindset of actually playing the game. It was tough at first...at the Key she was really only trying to get herself a weapon that would be useful for her. A gun was definitely a killing instrument. So was a crowbar, really, but the iron bar was way too unfamiliar in her hands and it would probably become a liability as its main use was bludgeoning and she...well, she really only knew how to stab at things.

But now...now she really was in the game to win it. She had no desire to be one of the many names that Danya rattled off every morning. She wanted to go home and if killing people was the only possible way of doing that? Then she would do it. She would not kill for joy or for pleasure...simply because it had to be done. Her mind often drifted back to the history books she had read, wondering what the famous Chinese strategist, Zhuge Liang, would have done in this situation. She grinned to herself. 'Probably would have found a way off the island without killing...and would have survived too.'

But despite her resolve, despite the cold, hard steel of the crowbar in her hand, she hadn't gotten any luck. Maybe it was the hand of God moving to prevent another soul from indulging in the sin of murder or maybe it was just that goddamn Murphy's Law. Either way, she didn't expect her luck to change when she found herself strolling along the beach. She didn't expect to see a pink tent propped up on some rocks with someone peering inside it like some sort of weird carnival attraction. 'Huh...odd.'

She also heard the distinct sounds of someone singing, but she couldn't pinpoint its location. As such, she put that out of her mind and went towards the closest target, namely the person just standing outside the tent. She didn't know what she should do...she didn't see any sign of a weapon, but all she really could see was the person's back. Michelle wanted to attack...wanted to strike first before anything could go wrong, but she didn't know all the cards in this game. And if she knew nothing about the situation besides her own role in it, she was screwed.

So she decided to play nice instead. Fake it. There was no need to attack the person now...after all, there could be other people inside the tent. "Hey!" She walked up to the stranger, keeping the crowbar loose and unthreatening in her right hand. "What's going on here? Is everything okay?"
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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