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"Ex- Explain?" Ben blinked twice, trying to get those words into his mind.

He's a killer! He's lying!
What is he lying about?

Ben mentally kicked his voice into it's office and locked the door. For once, he wanted answers. Then again, he didn't really have a lot of questions. Shrugging off that thought, he started to rise up, pack on back, gun shaking like a leaf.

"Look. You've killed. She told me. Why the fuck should I trust someone who's killed? Self defence? Because it was either you or him?"

Breathing deeper through his nose, his emotions burst forth, anger running through his veins. Would it be justice to exact revenge?

"Come on, mate, tell me."

It wouldn't get their bodies back.
But it would make him feel better.

"How did it feel to remove their lives?"
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