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Sapphire gave a swallow at this. "Well, the first thing to go is the collars. If we get them off, we can walk through dangerzones and outside of the island radio thing." Adjusting her bracelets, she frowned. They didn't want to play around with their own collars. And definatly not others. She did have her jewellery case, so she was reasonably confident that if all else failed, she could probably prise it open with her still hands... But the question was who to operate it on.

"We need to find dead... Oh, this is going to sound stupid." Giving a nervous chuckle, she looked at Saul, trying to think how to word it. "We need to find bodies that still have the collar on. I've got my jewellery kit, so I reckon we can prise them open. The trick is to work out what sets off what through trial and error."

Stretching, she gave a hollow grin. "Maybe those peoples lives won't be given in vain after all."
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