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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Phil smiled for the first time since he had been on the island. Someone he recognised, someone from on the team. "Marco. Good to see you bro," he called out gruffly in response to the greeting he received. His heart had jumped slightly when Marco had called out but after recognising him and hearing that he was friendly his pulse returned to normal. He still hadn't quite got his head around what he saw to be his new 'mission' of sorts. Which was to look after Jennifer. Plus he would of been very torn if it came down to fighting one of his team mates.

"Where is the rest of the team? I've been looking but I ain't seen nobody." Phil glanced at Jennifer and then back at Marco. "You know Jen right Marco? Perez not Romita" he added after a moment's thought. The two probably knew each other but he thought it best to make sure that everything was out in the clear rather than do something stupid. "She patched me up real good after Guthrie attacked me." A look of confusion crossed Phil's face for a moment. "You never told me what happened there anyway?" he said off-handedly to Jennifer as he continued to face Marco.

With a new face he could relax a little. Marco was friendly, calm and most importantly reliable. He was the one who always showed up to practice and would make sure all the doors were locked when they finished. He would know what to do - or at the very least know how to find the captains. As Phil waited for a response a figure burst from the undergrowth collapsing, pleading for water. He would of been more cautious with his reply but the girl already looked so pathetic he wasn't worried. Plus, they didn't have much to spare.

"Shove off." Phil said. "We got none."

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