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Blah blah blah. She went on and on about the kill. He'd wanted details, not an entire narrative. Really, he mostly wanted to see how much she tried to hide and justify things. The more of that there was, the less he wanted to trust her.

She didn't really whitewash things much, though. She'd been attacked, shot the assailant, then, when he dropped his weapon, picked it up and stabbed him to death with it. That sounded somewhat psychotic. She said he'd have killed her anyways. Maybe it was true. Maybe not. Did it even matter?

Then she turned it around, started coming after him. Ha. A valiant effort, but Lucas' conscience was completely clean. The worrisome bit was that she was getting awfully defensive. Pointing out her strategic advantages, trying to put him off guard. It all added up to one thing: she was looking for trouble. She was lying, planning to psych him out, confuse him, then, when his guard was down, kill him.

He was about to explain this to her in detail. About to make it crystal clear that he was on to her game. But then, out of absolutely nowhere, there was a guy behind him with a sword. A guy talking to both of them. Telling them to put their weapons down. Telling him to acquiesce first. No thank you. Not with a killer holding him up, and with a superior tactical position at that.

"Peter," he said. He knew the guy by sight, though couldn't recall that much about him. "Maybe you weren't paying attention earlier, but Ericka over there killed someone. I'll stand down as soon as she does.

"Oh, and Ericka, I found this gun next to a body. Someone who blew up yesterday. So, what do you say you put that gun away, I do the same, and we work this all out like civilized people?"

How he hoped she would listen. Doubted it, though. She didn't seem the type. This was gonna get nasty, and Peter was on the wrong side of the encounter. Lucas made sure his finger was on the trigger, made sure a twitch was all it would take to send bullets racing after his presumed foe. And, if Peter decided to cause trouble too? He had six shots. Three for each of them. No need to conserve ammo, since Ericka had a gun. Yes, if they were going to cause a problem, Lucas wouldn't let that stop him.

He had this under control.
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