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((Janet Binachi continued from Darkness Within.))

Janet was exhausted. She had walked all over that fucking forest yesterday, taken a brief nap around 5 am, and had just heard the most recent announcement. It seemed like people were a hell of a lot more dangerous than she had expected.

Her inner peace was shattered by a string of profanities somewhere to the north. The voice was familiar.... Janet crouched down slightly, looking around. She didn't see anybody. She walked toward the voice, cursing slightly as her jeans caught on underbrush. She lifted her hockey stick to keep it from catching, which did nothing except make her arm tired. Suddenly she tripped, falling face first into a bush. This was an unpleasant experience. She stood, pulling leaves out of her hair, and began hacking at the bush irritably. It was petty, sure, but it was also a bit cathartic.

She heard a clunk. Which was not a sound she associated with a bush. She stepped forward slightly, a quizzical look on her face. A shoe. There was a shoe in the bush.

'.... What.'

She didn't know why it surprised her so much. She picked it up, staring at it in mild disbelief. Maybe it was because she hadn't seen anybody in an entire day. It was an interesting sign of life.

Of course, she had heard people dying. Or at least being shot at. She would need to get her hands on a gun if she wanted to really play.

Or at least a better weapon than the Hockey Stick.

A scream- male voice, somewhere.... Janet turned, looking carefully. The voice had come from... somewhere more west of her current position. She set off in that direction.

Shortly, she arrived at a rusty gate. The Fun Fair. How ironic. She could see someone flipping the fuck out over a dead body.

A decapitated body, in fact.

And the person....

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