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Rhory had run and run, until finally, mercifully, sleep had come to ease her senses. With it came the dreams. Skin, bones, muscles, from all animals imaginable, surrounded her. They reached out, called to her- only to run away if she turned her head. Not one little incomplete monster allowed her near it. They were too scared. She was too scared.

What happened in those first dull minutes of consciousness? Eyes, ears, nose surveyed the area around her makeshift bed. Beings of intestines and eyeballs found themselves replaced with trees, trees, the smell of a nearby ocean, the voices of people nearby-


It took several eternal seconds to piece together that she was not alone. Flash. The mine. A cart. Shreds and shreds of flesh piled on top of the creature who created them. The meat she could do nothing but run from. The stagnant chill of night air in the tunnels. Don't look at it. Don't listen to it. Don't let it sink in.

Secretly, ignorant of her purposes, she moved through the trees. She stumbled, held on to any wooden arm that would hold her. Voices. People.

She was not alone. Three people. A girl. Several athletes. Her mind stumbled in search of names it could not find. And then, her mouth- It had been days since Rhory had spoken. Her lips stuck like trees planted too close together, her tongue exploring a dry, almost salty fuzziness along the walls of her cheeks and her throat. She coughed, evicting the mucus that clung so desperately to the deepest recesses of her mouth, sticking, trying to prevent her from continuing- coughs became hacks, hacks became dry heaves. The force doubled her over at the hips, brought her to all fours, mucus and saliva dripping helplessly from her mouth. She crouched, suffocating until the battle subsided and chokes turned to heavy gasps to normal, if labored breathing, gasping out her first word in days-

hi i am a little bee

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