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((David Anderson continued from The Outsider))

He hadn't quite curled up in a ball, but the shooting he witnessed on day 1 had sent David Anderson into hiding after a fashion. Call it "landing on a hot stove", but he'd decided to stay away from groups for a bit. It probably didn't help that he'd royally freaked out even after throwing up at the sight. He'd never had a panic attack, but somehow that seemed like an appropriate occasion.

This had led to him skulking and lurking in the tunnels on and off, hiding in them or near the various entrances. You could usually tell if people were coming and take a measure of them before they got to you, after all. And that had enabled him to stay more or less alone for the last day, with at most passing contact with people.

But David was a "people person", and the boredom got to him quickly enough.

At least I'm not talking to a volleyball. Yet.

The cries of Leila got his attention, and David emerged from some niche or another.

"Need some help?" He raised his hands in front of him to show he didn't mean any harm. "I heard someone...hit their foot?" He thinks that's what he heard, but...echoes being echoes, it's better to ask.
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