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((Tyler Franklin continued from Cold, Wet, and TiredCold, Wet, and Tired))

Tyler was getting exhausted. Between trudging from one end of the island to the other, he was burning calories like he never had before, and the few loaves of bread he had were, well, not enough to keep going forever. And even if he won, how long did these shows usually last? Ten days?

I feel like I'm going to starve before this ends. Where's a good pizza when you want one?

Those thoughts get shoved aside when Tyler sees, well, kids. More or less having a good time...

...which of course means people that presumably won't try to kill him. This is good. This is very good. It’s also a decent-sized group...probably not a bad place to spend the evening, perhaps swap for some “real” food (or more likely some junk food).

Slowly emerging from cover, Tyler steps out by the group and offers a smile. “Mind if I join the party, too?”
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