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Stacy looked the boy over and shrugged.

"We can go into town. Maybe find a place to lie low for a bit. Give you a chance to heal up a bit more. I don't know how the hell you managed to cut yourself so bad, but it's a good thing we caught it now. If that cut gets infected you're fucked."

Stacy reached into her own bag for a bottle of water. She uncapped it carefully and took a long drink from it. Then she remembered that she'd grabbed the food and water Sarah had left behind.

"Oh right! Hey Sarah? Things got a little hectic at the lighthouse, but I managed to grab some of your things before I ran out of there. I figured you could use the food and water, and I wasn't sure how long danger zones would last for. Sometimes they get reset, sometimes they stay. I didn't want to take the chance of just losing them."
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