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Things were going from worse to damn-near-fatal as the announcement trailed off. Rashid now found himself between a person that killed and someone with a loaded gun. Well, technically closer to the one with a loaded gun (blade's distance, as it happened) which wasn't an improvement. At all.

He grasped the strap on his daypack tight as his glance darted between Harun, Madeleine, Rosa, Harun, Madeleine...wait...where was Rosa? Oh right, she had just turned tail and bolted with her stuff in tow. No more lucky pantyshots, oh no, that was something he'd be taking straight to hell with him anyway.

But things were looking better, right? It was now two against one. Or well, one-and-fodder-against-one. That was unless the two of them decided to turn against him like some crazed couple in love. Then it would be two against one and then he'd be dead before he turned. It would look great for the cameras, especially once Harun gave word of Rashid's designated weapon. Hell, they could even use it as the auditorium footage for the unlucky set of kids that appeared on the show next year. Either way, he was probably screwed where he stood.

He briefly wondered if he should have been lucky he'd already emptied out his digestive tract and bladder before he came to this fateful clearing, before his mind made an even worse decision to say something actually related to the situation at hand.

"Just fucking start shooting already!" Rashid suddenly shouted, putting his arms up with his hands to either side of his head.

The instant the last syllable left his mouth, his eyes almost seemed to bug out as a ringing silence engulfed him. He realized that he had very likely sealed his own fate in his spontaneity, the same that had gotten him suspended for socking a student in the face that made fun of his little sister. He would be dead before he started running. And by God, he hoped it would be quick.

It was perhaps in fast-forwarding through the psychiatrists' Five Stages of Acceptance that he ended up smiling, giving off a pained chuckle as his paranoia hit its zenith and nadir at the same time.

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