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Though she had to think fast, Katelyn was held by indecision. She had thought Remy was safe the moment she'd seen him, and hadn't waited to find out. Her original thoughts had been right after all; he had heard somebody coming. That meant she would need to protect them now, but for some reason she couldn't summon up that determination she'd had only a minute ago. She needed to. It was time to act!

But her thoughts were moving too slowly, and her mouth gaped open without a response.

Remy was counting on her! He and Josee both were, and now wasn't the time to let them down!

Katelyn crept over to where she'd left her bag, attempting to retrieve her megaphone. Why she was trying to move so quietly right before she would scream an amplified message into the forest wasn't something she thought about, but at least her options were all still open. She fished the megaphone from amidst her belongings and turned back to the twins.

There was still the chance they could run. There was still the chance they could hide. But that wouldn't fix the situation. They couldn't just run from all their problems. In her life, Katelyn had rarely encountered problems beyond her ability to resolve. It could be scary, but she always had to do what she could. The only way she could ever know if she could help here was to try. In a few seconds she could be dead, and that knowledge weighed on her mind heavier than any doubt she had ever felt before. But she still had to try her hardest. For everyone's benefit.

Once again the words wouldn't come, but Katelyn gripped the handle of the megaphone tightly and gave a small nod.
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