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Can you hear me?
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And soon the others popped up.

First came Katelyn, who gave him a relieved smile, which Remy returned. Thank goodness she was safe. Now what about Josée?

"Well... I think I can safely say that that is definitely a forest out there. So what have you contributed to the team so far this morning Remy?"

He span around, to see the little she-devil talking to him.

Remy clenched his fist. Sure, it was her idea to team up. Sure, she had said that she wanted one of them to get off the island safely to Mom. Sure, he wanted to keep her around. But, that didn't mean that everything was perfect between them and they could tolerate each other easily. God, sometimes he wished he could just smack her right across the face. But that wouldn't do, would it?

But, none the less, Remy was irritated.

"Josée, how about you just-" he started to snap, but-

Noises. Muffled noises. It sounded like... someone else was shouting? What the hell...

Remy sighed. Well, it had to be sometime that they ran into someone. The fact that they hadn't encountered anyone yesterday meant that they were probably going to encounter someone today. Remy wasn't in the best of moods, and Josée was being particularly irritating right now. So, this new event was starting to get on his nerves too.

He looked around at the other two. Josée had that club thing, while Katelyn had a megaphone. He had the knife. So, two of them could probably defend themselves. A megaphone... maybe they could talk to however was there?

But, what if it was one of the players?

What if it was Kris?

Remy took a deep breath, and turned to Katelyn. "Do you think it's a good idea to try talking to them with that... you know... uh... megaphone?"

He didn't even bother asking Josée. He really wasn't in the mood.

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