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(short post to close the thread go!)

"Jesus fuck!" Madelyn blurted out as Alex removed his jacket and screamed, revealing his now gangrenous arm. The wound was now festering on the bone and rotting. His screaming echoed throughout the entire fun fair for about a minute as Madelyn stood by, paralyzed through her fixation on the green and grey flesh that still clung to Alex's arm.

Then, Alex just stopped screaming and began to cry bitterly. Madelyn didn't know what to do. What could she do at that point? Say she was sorry? Ask him if he was alright? Anything 'normal' that she thought of seemed useless, even condescending in this situation.

The announcements played in the background, but Madelyn paid no attention to them. Between Alex's muffled weeping and Charlene's sudden introduction to Alex's dying arm there was too much going on to focus on the terrible reality of over 20 more students losing their lives on the previous day. Charlene's interruption snapped Madelyn out of her trance immediately, just in time to hear Alex's solution.

"We need to find Hayley ... I need her to chop my arm off with that damn sword."

Charlene quickly ran back inside the stall and collected hers and Alex's things while Madelyn looked at the GPS to figure out where Hayley was. The two dots that represented Hayley and Kyle along with the third unknown were still due east at the beach, probably just waking up. Being abandoned the previous night was still a sore subject to Maddy, though she still wasn't willing to admit her animosity to the others. Right now though, the only thing that mattered was getting Alex to her. Necessity of the moment carried Madelyn quickly ran into the stall as Charlene came out to gather her things before racing to catch up with her companions.

[[ Madelyn Prowers Continued in Cleanliness and Lonliness ]]
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