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((GMing of Alex Campbell done with permission from nowave))

Charlene was asleep when she the announcement woke her up.

"Do you kids know what makes Uncle Danya happy? ... when his beloved students are game for the competition. … The second day of our little competition saw twenty-one students bite the dust, buy the farm and shuffle off their mortal coils!" Okay. That was not good. She listened carefully in her groggy state for the names as Danya droned on.

"... Eleventh to die was one Steve Barnes, who found out that Hayley Kelly losing her head meant him losing his. ..." Seriously? That was how Danya unnecessarily reminded Charlene of Hayley's act? With a lame pun?

... Next to go down was the one and the only Jonathan Jarocki,who somehow got it into his head that running around and yelling and firing his gun like some kind of cowboy was a good idea. That one was actually a relief, as Charlene looked down at her bandaged leg. At least he's not going psycho on me again.

"Alright kiddies, all the current dangerzones are cleared. But, it wouldn't be any fun if we had none, so I'm going to go ahead and name The Infirmary, The Key and The Mans ..." Her attention was broken by a scream. Alex. Charlene walked outside, slightly irritated at his lack of consideration at the fact that they were all waking up.

"Alex, quiet down, I just woke up, I'm a disaster area and what the fuck is THAT?!" Alex had removed his jacket to reveal what looked like a black, gray, and green lump of ooze on Alex's right arm (Unlike Charlene's wound, which had stayed relatively clean, Alex's wound had become gangrenous). Naturally, it was quite disgusting, as Alex's flesh was literally rotting away while he was still using it. Then came Alex's statement on the subject.

"We need to find Hayley ... I need her to chop my arm off with that damn sword."

"Oh, shit." Charlene went and got her gun and bags, and for the second time in two days, she took Alex by the left arm, and carried him out. "We have got to get that shit off you." He had to be going crazy, talking about getting his entire arm amputated. Is he afraid he's going to become a zombie or something? (Actually, Alex's diagnosis was almost spot on. It would take a miracle for Alex to need anything short of a complete amputation now. In fact, given the progress of the infection, Alex was almost certainly a dead man no matter what happened.) All she knew was that Alex was in trouble.

((Charlene and Alex continued in Cleanliness and Loneliness))

((Sorry Clu, but I can't do that.))
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