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Everything happened so quickly that Jackie had little time to process. Belle pushed someone down the mountain, and another person must have decided that it was a great idea and jumped down after the first person. The look of befuddlement on Jackie's face should have stayed there longer than it did. Instead of trying to think of why the last person would jump after the first, she decided to just ignore that entire situation.

"I just don't even care anymore," Jackie said. She brought up her hands and began to massage her temples.

"This one doesn't want to do anything with us" she jerked her head towards the football player. "And I suppose it would be wrong of me to judge you just for being around Garrett." She hesitated. "We should go after her."

"Go after--" she brought up her arms in surrender, "Fine, whatever. I just feel safer with other people, so... yeah, let's go. But I'm not going to fall down the mountain. Let's take it slow, okay?"
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