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It would have been downright stupid of Madeleine to say that the two boys' reactions to the announcement came as a shock, but when Harun raised his gun and pointed it directly at her, she gave a start and raised her hands defensively nonetheless. Both of them seemed to be on the verge of doing something drastic, and she didn't blame them. After all, she was a killer, self-defense or not. The only thing she could do now, given that she was at gunpoint, was explain herself and hope that she made it out of this confrontation alive. Otherwise, all that she did on this island would be utterly pointless.

With her shaking hands raised in front of her face, for all the good that would do, Madeleine cowered down and said, "I-I didn't want to do it. He was...he was shooting at me and my friends and I...I shot back. I was just trying to protect them!" This wasn't entirely true, as she had mostly just been acting with her own life in mind, but it was better to let that detail go unannounced.

Sure, why not lie? After all, you just killed someone. What's a couple lies compared to that?

Madeleine quickly shook her head to clear those thoughts away. "Please believe me," she said, raising herself up a bit, but keeping the hands up to let Harun know that she wasn't hostile. "I would...I wouldn't ever murder someone. I promise you that!" And with that, she stood there, whimpering softly as she waited for the man with the gun to decide her fate.
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