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Continuing to avert his eyes from Rosa, Harun listened as Madeleine asked him whether he had any intention of using the sword-gun.

To be honest, Harun was expecting that he'd end up having to use it eventually, even if only in self-defence. However, he had no intention of using it against the two girls that stood before him. Obviously, going into a long-winded explanation that he was planning to use the sword-gun but only in specific situations would probably just make them nervous and send off the wrong message, so he would just say that he had no plans on using his weapon.

However, before he could reply and end the awkward silence that had temporarily befallen the group, he was cut off by the start of the next of Danya's announcements. Blinking his eyes rapidly, he tried to clear his mind and focus on Danya's arrogant monologue about the latest kills and deaths.

It was hard to listen to. It made him feel a strange mixture of disgust, sadness, nostalgia and paranoia. So far, no-one he would say he was close to had been listed as killed or a killer, but these were still people he'd spent the past few years (and in some cases, longer) with.

Then Madeleine was listed matter-of-factly by Danya as a killer.

Immediately, Harun's thoughts switched from the announcement and Rosa to the other girl near him.

Maybe he'd misheard it?


She'd killed someone.

Maybe it was self-defence, maybe it wasn't. But he was still pretty damn close to a killer.

Quickly raising his sword-gun to his side, he glared at Madeleine, praying she wouldn't make any sudden movements or suddenly whip out an SMG or something and instantly turn into a cackling madwoman. "Just...tell us what happened..." Harun asked, his voice quivering.
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