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Something smelled bad. Really bad. The stench awoke Alex. He was lying on the cold dusty floor of the booth. Over the course of the night, his breathing had gotten more rapid, till he was now lying on his back, panting and hyperventilating. Sweat poured from his body. Pain swiftly greeted him. He clutched at his arm and had to stifle a scream. As though it had been waiting for him to wake up, agony grew and he desperately tried to stand.

"Hey, you guys up?"

Alex looked up at Madelyn and tried to speak. Suddenly a dizzy spell washed over him. He braced himself against the stand and placed his good hand to his forehead, trying to center himself. Suddenly a rush of nausea came over him. He turned and leaned over the counter. He retched wildly as his stomach seemed to try and turn itself inside out. There was nothing in his belly to throw up. He dryheaved agonisingly, tears now streaming from his eyes. Eventually he coughed up a few bits of burning black bile.

He turned back towards the others. He looked, well, he looked fucking awful. His eyes were bloodshot and were now crying almost constant from the physical pain and the terror that filled him. His skin was white, utterly pale. Worst of all, his right arm seemed to have swelled in his jacket. It seemed to be bulging, particularly where he'd been shot.

It was too hot in here. He had to get out. He had to be outside. With the sudden wild certainty that accompanies blind panic, he lunged forward towards the door, pushing Madelyn to the side.

He burst out into the cold morning air. The sudden rush brought on another dizzy spell and for a second he fainted. He collapsed over onto his side, lucky not to bash his head open on the rough ground. He swiftly came back around.

"Whu- What- What is this?" he said, his voice tinged with a wild fear.

Desperately he pulled off his beloved jacket. This time, he couldn't supress the scream. It was a strange sound. It was neither a sound of panic or disgust but simply one of horror.

Alex's right arm had swelled up around the wound he'd suffered. He could see a large portion of the surrounding flesh was grey and disgusting. He didn't know much about Gangrene but he knew enough. There was a piece on his body that was utterly dead, rotting and yet still attached to him.

The horrified scream went on for about a minute, his brain utterly gone somewhere beyond any rationality. All he could do was stare at it and freak out. He was so scared. He felt an animal terror, utterly beyond the mind he used normally.

After about a minute, he began to calm. For the next ten minutes, he wept bitterly. Finally, he simply reached a point at which he had nothing left in him. All the emotions he'd been controlling, all the sadness and bitterness, he cried them to himself. Finally he just felt empty. Pain of course was a constant companion. After ten minutes, he finally composed himself. He got up, found Madelyn and Charlene if they weren't with him already. "We need to find Hayley." he said.

There was something very dark building in Alex's eyes. He knew what to do. He didn't want to. But it was nessecary.

"I need her to chop my arm off with that damn sword." he said.
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