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And now they were going, regardless. Dammit, he had never spoken to those guys before, and now the chances were he never would. If Sarah would have just told them what she was doing...

But it wasn't the time for that. His leg was looking worse and worse by the second, and now Sarah needed to get a real good look at it. A lay-down, wet-t-shirt in mouth, and several seconds of agonizing pain in his leg later (it was tough, he had to stop himself from kicking Sarah as the water poured over his cut) she reached her diagnosis. A good thing to, as his foot was starting to lose some feeling, suspended in the air there.



No, no, no that wasn't going to do. It couldn't be that bad, could it? He hadn't even fallen that far, only a few meters! A few meters down a hill, and he had to get stitches on his leg? Uh, no, that wasn't going to work at all. He wasn't going around with his skin sewn together. It would heal, it had to. It just probably needed time.

"Uh...I agree with you on that, but I think we should probably get away from here before you do any of that. Yeah, it's all bad and stuff, but I...look, can I walk on it at least, or do I need some help with that?"

Looking around, he nodded to the other girl with them, Stacy or something. He wasn't familiar with her, the problem with being somewhere between a social pariah and an all-around average person. He still didn't know most of his year enough to be on a first name basis with them.

"How about you find somewhere to stop, and...is it Stacy? Stacy, she'll help me walk? I mean, I think there's a town somewhere near here? How about that Sarah?"
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