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Right, so they did actually get blown the fuck up by some asshole. So she was right one that one. The one fucking situation she didn't particularly want to be right, either. Whatever, Tactfulness was never her strong point anyway. Ethan said something about Looney Tunes and how it was way better to explode in a cartoon. Seemed in keeping with whatever other kiddy shit he probably did.

"You mean you didn't have a handicapped space before?" Frankie spat back, pulling the strap of her bag up her shoulder again. Fucking thing kept falling down faster than Jen R.'s pants.

Frankie turned around, Feo and Ethan had vanished into the darkness. Gone and left her with fucking Duncan, of all the fucking people in school. Like hell was she staying with him. She'd find her own fucking way out. She didn't care if she had no fucking flashlight to light the way, or if she didn't have a fucking weapon, or if the bag full of her clothes were now probably in the hands of some immature cock-muncher who was probably spanking their pencil-dick over them while high off their fucking brains on her fucking stash. On national fucking television. The thing is, she wouldn't have put that past half the fucking school to do something like that.

Frankie looked around the cavern for other shit she'd probably need that had been dropped, discarded, stepped on, whatever the fuck the cunts in this fucking year could come up with. Nothing, fucking nothing. Well, no fucking use staying around, then. Frankie guessed if she followed the radio wires the Liz girl was creaming herself over earlier, she could get the fuck out of there without it requiring too much effort. She could get out of there, get a weapon or something, find Rosa and Ilario, get ranted at and insulted by both, rant and insult both, and split up in a pissy-fit right after.

Oh, and finding some pot would do fucking wonders.

Frankie turned to Duncan one last time before smiling and flipping him the bird.

"Peace out, fuckwad."

((Frankie Fiametta, continued in The Worst Bath Ever.))
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