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The shooting had stopped. Jen stayed where she was for several moments, cowering under cover. Morgan would rescue her. Morgan would-

Fuck that. She could rescue herself. Morgan wasn't exactly in a much better position than her, so there had to be a way that the pair of them could get out of this. Of course, there was still one advantage that Morgan had. The rifle. If he would return fire then maybe they would be able to escape.

Or give away their positions, and end up shot dead in a fire fight. The first shot hadn't been followed by another so far, so perhaps they were lucky. No point in hanging around though. She got to her feet in a hunkered down position and darted over to the pile of logs that Morgan was behind.

Arriving slightly out of breath, she paused to recover before dispensing advice. "I think we're ok. It's not a sustained attack, and it's probably not against us. I don't want to hang around and find out though. We need to move. You're the man with the plan. Where do we go?"
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