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[Skipping to remove Kaitlin before the 25th, sorry if I inconvenience anyone.]

More shouting and more panicking, the consequence of an unintended action and a bullet never meant to be fired, the fear and anger borne of a misunderstanding. Even though there had been no injuries from the event, the damage had been done to the little group, the tensions of each person already running high and the accidental gunshot having pushed everyone over the edge; the shouting and the yelling had kept Kaitlin from moving any closer to Peter or Max, the sudden building of fear in the back of her mind telling her that they couldn't be trusted. She couldn't know if they would hurt her or not, she didn't really know them, didn't really know anyone in her class that well and despite everything she wanted to be true about Peter... she didn't really know him either.

When Max continued shouting, when he got up and ran from Peter with a gun in his hand, Kaitlin couldn't help but back away and try to hide, try to find some meager amount of safety in the shadows behind anything she could find to hide behind. She didn't know what to do, didn't know what to think about Max or Peter or the two other figures nearby, didn't know if she should run away or stay where she was and wait for Peter. She wanted to hope for the best, hope that Peter wasn't going to be like the other students, the ones who had already killed or hurt others, she wanted him to remain her friend and not turn out to be one of those people.

But she didn't really know him.

However much she wanted to hope he was different from the others, from the ones who attacked and killed their friends and their classmates, she couldn't be certain about anything. And no matter how much she tried not to doubt him, she couldn't stop the thoughts from coming, couldn't stop the fear and the panic that began to take hold in her mind, the ones that told her to avoid everyone she couldn't completely trust and avoid these situations. The very thoughts that told her to slip back into the tunnels despite the very reason she ran from them was the fear she was feeling now, about not knowing what would happen or who was capable of things she couldn't imagine, things she didn't want to imagine.

When things had finally stopped, when Max had disappeared from sight and things looked to be calming down, she fought back the urge to run away and pushed aside her doubts about Peter. After all, she had to hope for the best didn't she? Hesitantly, she stood from her place of hiding and motioned toward the boy, but she didn't want to go any closer, to go out in the open after she had seen the others in the distance and the weapon one of them held. It was best if she remained there, if she just waited for him. But she could always move somewhere safer to wait, away from the dark tunnel and the one with the rifle...

Cautiously, she slipped out of her hiding place and waved to Peter, called him to her.

"Peter! Let's go!"

They would have more time to talk, to discuss what had happened just now and in her absence, but that all would have to come later. For now, she wanted to get somewhere safer, wanted to go someplace where they could sit and rest and where they could just be safe, where they could get away from all of these horrible things that were happening.

So she ran. Hopefully, not alone.

[Girl #48 - Kaitlin Anderheim. Continued in Measure Once, Cut Twice.]
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