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((Marco Stonecastle continued from Watch Your Step))

Marco stopped and checked the compass, holding it steady and eyeing the needle carefully as it spun around. It eventually settled down and pointed to his right, causing Marco to smile briefly; he was still heading in the right direction away from that... mess back at the hall of mirrors. It was all behind him now, the former hockey player currently standing in the middle of the woods.

Along the way from his former location, he'd skirted past an unoccupied gazebo, looking scarily similar to the one on the Bayview School grounds. There was a rush of nostalgia as he remembered the students - freshmen, seniors and everyone in between hanging around the structure during lunch break. Good memories, good times, something to cheer him up at least.

Like all good things, it wasn't to last. That blast from the past had come to an abrupt end when he came across a charred body lurking behind the building. It had freaked him out and caused him to duck into a nearby bush and purge the half-digested contents of his stomach.

Even hours after the initial discovery, it still nauseated him. It was something he wasn't going to forget in a hurry; skin burnt away to nothing, blackened bones, ashes, the mere thought of the body's condition made him feel like throwing up again. Fortunately he was able to hold his lunch down... just.

Marco forced the thought to the back of his head, put the compass away and continued walking straight ahead. Some minutes later he could see the deep blue of the ocean in the distance through the gaps in the trees. And in between him and the shore stood two people. Marco stopped and tried to position himself behind one of the trees, poking his head out to the side to see if he could recognise either of them.

'That's Phil from the school hockey team, right?' Marco thought, glancing at the male. He knew that the boy tended to be a bit of a bully on and off the ice, but he hadn't killed anyone on the island yet, at least according to the announcements. And he had someone with him, surely that meant he was trustworthy, definitely not a player... right?

'It's worth a shot, and at least there aren't ten of them this time,' he thought, stepping out from behind the trunk. "Hey, Phil," he called out. "Don't worry, I'm friendly," he said, aware that his sudden presence may have possibly spooked Phil and his companion.
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