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[[OOC: Apologies for the short post, but there's not much to say. xD]]

Hayley washed.

It didn't take long. Most of the blood had come off after her impromptu shower-fail. It occurred to her that she'd never washed her hair the night before, and as a result it still had some dried blood in it. Ew. She dunked her head in the water, coming up and flipping her wet hair back in a fashion that would have been sexy had she not also been sputtering from the seawater in her nose.

She suddenly remembered how much she hated the beach.


She finished cleaning herself quickly and got out of the water, irritated but sort of glad for the distraction. See? These are the times that try men's souls. Times where saltwater gets in your face. Right? Paine understood me so fucking well. She grabbed her backpack, somehow feeling much better with her gun in her hand. Safer.

Is that abnorNO HAYLEY DON'T START THINKING ABOUT THIS SHIT AGAIN. It's probably abnormal WHATEVER, this is Survival of the Fittest, everything is abnormal, what-the-fuck-ever. God, fuck this game.

Kyle wasn't yet done washing, but Ema was, and she was holding the map. In one hand. Hayley almost laughed, remembering how ridiculously impossible it had been for her to let go of her sword back when it was still hers. She looked at the gun in her hand. Weird how I can put this down. Maybe it's just cause I haven't used it yet? But Ema hasn't either and she can't put it down. Hm. Maybe she's just nervous, that would make some fucking sense. I should name this thing. I...

Vera. Definitely calling it Vera.

She giggled to herself.

Ooh, I should figure out how to do that, like, badass gunslinger shit...

She looked down at her gun and, after deliberating a moment and positioning herself over her bag, attempted to flip it. It hit the ground, or rather her backpack, since she kind of knew she was going to fail miserably and didn't feel like getting fucking sand in her brand new gun-named-Vera.

Well, I fail.

She turned her attention to Ema.

"So where do we go from here? Your stuff's at that hut, right?"

"Yeah, that's where we're supposed to go. Meet up with the others and everything," Hayley said, somewhat distractedly. And go explain to Maddy and Alex what just happened...fun. And get some clothes...I could still go get Kyle's but...I dunno. It's so fucking hot, it's kind of nice walking around all half-naked and wet.


...That's what she said.
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