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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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The fact that there was no heartbeat to be found in Samaya's body... that was the most painful part. Felicia listened for one, begging for the impossible to happen, for the girl's spark to be re-lit. Samaya's heart stayed in darkness, though, and Felicia's was quickly falling in that general direction.

Through her sobbing, she heard a few noises, some rustling and repositioning. Snorting the mucus in her nose and throat down and swallowing, Felicia looked through her teary eyes. Aisyln didn't seem to be grieving much, if at all. In fact, the first goal in the military girl's mind seemed to be going through Samaya's things and taking what suited her. The heartlessness of it all astounded Felicia's mind... weren't they all friends? Maybe the didn't all know each other too much (Felicia, for one, was the type of gal to stay home and play video games rather than go to the mall), but they all knew each other to some degree and were still friends... but Aislyn wasn't crying. Contrarily, Felicia's body was putting most of its effort into trembling and producing more tears.

The irony of it all never struck her, for she wasn't in the mood to appreciate it, but she subconciously attributed the scene to one of the times when she, herself, had roleplayed a character on a fan-forum of SoTF that she had started. The character that she played, mostly a self-insert, had done the same thing Aislyn was now doing... every body was a resource, something to loot.

How funny, it was, how different real life could stray from fiction.

"Aislyn, I-I..." Felicia choked out, standing up and wiping her eyes with one sleeve, then her nose with the other. She sniffed again and turned away from Samaya, still crying. Half of her wanted to lay over the other girl's body and wait until she died, but...

Sammy would have wanted me to live. Right?
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