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Time to Spare
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Melissa hovered at the edge of the clearing, wishing the others would just hurry up and get ready to leave. Maybe if she left fast enough, the memory of Samaya's death would leave quickly as well and she wouldn't get any bad dreams over it. But it didn't look like either of the other girls were sharing her desire for haste and she just gave up and trotted over to Aislyn, dropping her bag next to her. Sitting down next to their unofficial leader, she looked over at what she was doing, a slight frown on her face. "You're just um...taking her things?"

"What, it's not like the dead chick's using them anymore."

"Do...do you want me to help carry anything?" Melissa offered, opening her own bag and revealing some space that could be used to hold any extra equipment. Her Jetboil stove was there as well and the Chinese girl couldn't help but scowl when she saw the joke she got as a weapon in this game. She had contemplated throwing it away, but you never knew when something like a portable stove would become useful, so she had kept it.

"Maybe if you ask politely enough, they'll let you cook them at a horrifyingly slow pace."

'Shut up.' Melissa thought to herself, trying to push the other voice to the side as Aislyn continued to rummage through Samaya's pack. She was really beginning to get irritated at this other...other 'her'. It was like all of her bitterness and despair over her current life had decided to manifest itself inside her brain and its sole purpose was simply to drive her crazy. 'I'm not going to let it get to me...I just have to keep surviving and get back home. That's all I want...to be back home and forget this whole game exists...'

"Then all you have to do is just kill everyone else on the island. Sounds like fun."

"Um...I could take the first aid kit. Maybe if we split it up..." Melissa closed her eyes to think about it. "That way it won't be...that much heavier, right? I'm sorry, I've never had to think about...you know, things like this before. It's kind of hard to deal with...especially since so many people are already dead."
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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