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Phil didn't mind taking a break. Good. They could just take a few moments, maybe an hour at most, and pull themselves together again. Then they could... could... actually, Jennifer didn't really know what came next. She'd been operating on the theory that the best thing to do was to keep moving whenever possible, resting when necessary or convenient. There was no real rhyme or reason behind the method. She simply walked when she was stressed. On a tactical scale, it was probably not a great choice, at least, when it came to avoiding trouble. It increased their chances of stumbling across stationary groups, and did nothing to make encounters with other moving groups less likely.

Then again, if they were really trying to find Maf and the others from Phil's team, maybe maximizing the potential for encounters was a wise move. It meant more risk, but also a greater possibility of success. All that, though, was justification. Jennifer really just liked walking.

The problem was, that wasn't at all fair to Phil. He was wounded, and probably wasn't so set on keeping on the move. She hadn't been thinking about him enough. Hadn't been factoring his wellbeing into the equation, since he seemed to be doing better. That would have to change, right away.

The first step was to answer his question honestly.

"Um, I, uh, I don't really know. I figured we should, um, get clear of all the people on the East of the island, since, um, that's where most of the buildings and danger zones are. But, um, I'm not really sure where we should go now. I, uh, I don't know where anyone we're looking for would be."

There. That was good. Getting it all off her chest helped a lot. She had an ally now. It meant she had to readjust herself to working with others. It meant she couldn't keep going around doing whatever she wanted without thinking through the consequences.

It was a simple revelation, an easy adjustment. A few days of freedom had felt nice, but it was good to have someone again. Phil was a sort of grounding presence, forcing her not to let go again. No more mistakes like in the tunnels. No. In fact, maybe it was best to give Phil more of a say.

"Um, do you have anywhere you want to go?"
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