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Even though Marion didn't voice her current mood, George could glean the sentiment from her actions. They who had come to aid this threesome were being ignored rather flagrantly, and it seemed like it wouldn't be a good use of their time to linger any longer. Following Marion's lead, George stepped away from the group, but while Marion went her own way, George rejoined Jasper and Carly. With a disappointed look on his face, he shook his head and said, "I think they've got things under control. We should probably just let them be. You coming, Carly?"

George had decided that now was the time to leave for a less crowded space. Seeing as this group had their own plans, it wasn't necessary to recruit them either. Adjusting his bag on his shoulders, he stepped off towards the trees, motioning for Jasper and Carly to follow. He had a plan for a place to go, but he wasn't sure that either of them would like it. Still, if Jasper came along with them, the two of them could keep Carly safe enough, and that was all that George was concerned with at this time. He would have to find a better weapon before he thought about rescuing a larger number of people than this.

What's with these people and not working with me? Do I have bad breath or something?

George made a mental note to check that hypothesis at the nearest available opportunity.

(George Leidman continued elsewhere)
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