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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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It shouldn't have taken Ema long to wash her face, but since her right hand refused to loosen it's grip on her new sword, kneeling at the edge of the water and doing everything with her left hand took a fair bit longer. Though, with Hayley and Kyle washing blood from their entire bodies, the added time was insignificant, and she easily had time to clean her face and rinse the sweat and grime from her hair as well.

As her two companions continued, Ema backpedalled a few steps, and - still clinging tightly to that falcata - cast her arms up into the air in a great stretch, coupled with a rather loud yawn. Adrenaline and fear had subsided, and Ema's desire to go back to bed had returned; she really wasn't a morning person. Then again, she didn't even know what time it was, her phone and iPod were her only means of timekeeping before the abduction, and both were missing when she awoke, clearly to eliminate any possiblity of communication, despite the island being a complete blank for mobile phone signals and WiFi networks.

Standing there, arms still reluctant to fall back into place, Ema lifted her head to look at the sun, estimating the time to be about nine, though she knew full well it could easily be an hour or two either side - her skills at telling time by the sun were barely-existent at best.

Having guessed the time, it suddenly dawned on her that she was almost staring directly at the sun. She'd been standing out in it for quite some time, but now that the mad rush of the morning's death was over, Ema noticed how unpleasant the bright rays were. She let her right arm down, and used her left - the right still stuck to the falcata's hilt in a death-grip - to pull the hood of her jacket up, shielding most of her face from the sunlight.

A few seconds passed in near-total silence. The only unnatural sounds in the air were those of Hayley and Kyle moving in the water. Unsurprisingly, Ema felt awkward. She wasn't good at standing still and waiting, never had been.

Another few seconds passed, and Ema caught herself staring. Not just at Hayley, but Kyle, too. What surprised her was that she wasn't staring in the way an ordinary person would at attractive people frolicing in the ocean... she was simply observing them, almost... studying? Regardless, she pulled her gaze away, realising how it might look, not to mention how it seemed to Ema herself.

The awkward silence held. Ema forced herself to break it. Her daypack was still slung over one shoulder, kept dry earlier by being hooked behind her back. She fished around blindly, still with just her left hand, and produced her map.

"So where do we go from here? Your stuff's at that hut, right?"
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