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Alex had her hands raised as soon as the gun appeared in Rob’s hand. “Wow, someone’s been watching way too many episodes of COPS,” Alex said casually.

She caught Jessica's movements out of the corner of her eye and sighed. Cuz that's where I wanted this to go, she thought. She took a step away from Jessica trying to get out of the line of fire. She kept talking however, she'd apparently started this mess, and trying to calm all parties involved seemed the best way to make it out of here without getting shot.

“Talk about overkill, I was only trying to get your attention over the music. I figured you know it would be safer then walking up next to you. But no you wanna go and start waving guns around. And umm exactly where do you want me to come out of,” Alex continued. She dramatically turned her head to survey the surroundings. “There’s not exactly a lot of hiding places here.”

There was no way she was going any closer to him. Not that the distance was going to stop a bullet, but it made her feel slightly better.

“Geez, all I wanted to know is if you’d seen my brother. Roman? His about my height, wears totally boring button down shirts. No, then Jessica and I are gonna have breakfast. We were going to have it earlier, but they decided to name the Key a danger zone. So if you could chill out then will get breakfast out and let you two go back to fighting about whatever it was.”
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