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Somehow, he just knew that it wouldn't be long until somebody finally came across his hiding place. There were nearly 300 students out there killing each other, looking in every nook and cranny for even more victims to add to their own little hitlists. And besides, who WOULDN'T be interested in investigating a pink tent propped up in the middle of the beach somewhere...

Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from freezing in fear the second he heard the soft sound of footsteps just outside his tent.

What the...?!? Oh SHIT! Please tell me they didn't notice, please tell me they didn't notice, please tell me they didn't... Aw crap, they DID notice! Stay calm Marty damnit, STAY CALM!

He wasn't sure if he should stay perfectly still and pray to god that whoever was out there wouldn't try to look inside, or tear the opening over and run like hell. No, there wasn't anyway he could escape that way. The only way out happened to be facing the stranger's direction, so trying to make a run for it was virtually impossible. He was trapped, trapped like a mouse cornered by an ambiguously vicious cat. At least he wasn't screaming his head off JUST yet, although he was strongly tempted to. Copious amounts of sweat began to pour down his head as the shadow of this unknown stranger slowly came into view. He could now see the rough silhouette of someone standing right outside, wielding what looked like a frigging GUN in their hand!

SHIT! He has a freakin' piece on him! Oh fuck me, what the hell am I supposed to do???

His heart was pumping, blood running through his veins as he awaited the inevitable. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that this newcomer was about to open fire on him any second now. If he was a sick enough bastard to play this game, that's what he'd do. Take out the competition before they had a chance to fight back. It'd be quick, pragmatic and efficient. No room for error whatsoever...

He saw the stranger raise their arm,extending it towards the tent. Oh god, he's going to open up the tent so he can get a better look at me before he finishes me off! Sick BASTARD!

He closed his eyes and covered his face as he cowered in the corner of the tent, shivering as he awaited the inevitable gunshot that would end it all. Good bye Natalie, I'm sorry that I wasn't the strong big brother you deserved... And good bye Joshua, I'm sorry that we never got to see The Dark Knight like you wanted. I'm sure it'd of been as awesome as the trailer looked and everything! And most of all, good bye...

Then he heard a light tapping on one of the support beams.

W... Whuh?

"Hello? Is there anyone in here?"

That was... Strange. Soulless killers don't tend to kindly ask if anyone was inside somewhere first. Usually, they'd just get to the point and open fire. No questions asked. Unless, of course, they wanted to gloat a bit like some kind of supervillain first. Yeah, that'd make sense. Plus, what if he... or, she in this case, wanted to know if there was anybody inside first before filling the tent with lead? It'd just be a waste of bullets if they fired randomly at every potential hiding place they came across.

But then, why hadn't she opened the tent instead? Unless... She wanted a reply first because she's afraid that Marty was armed or something. Was that it? Maybe not, but either way it gave Marty an idea......

"G... G - G - GO AWAY! I've got an, er... a Gun! Yeah, a gun! And i'm n-not afrai... Afraid to use it!" he bluffed unconvincingly, pointing his fingers at the silhouette as if he was holding a handgun.

Damnit Marty! Theres no way in hell ANYONE'S going to believe that! You may as well have just flatly told her to blow your brains out and get it over with! Damnit, where the hell is Joshua when you freakin' need him?!?

Little did he realise that Joshua Krakowski happened to be much closer then he realised, and heading slowly but steadily down the beach with his hands in his pockets and his earphones in his ears, quietly singing along to Electric Eye by Judas Priest without a care in the world.........
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