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Although later it seemed extremely foolish, Rob actually expected the annoying guy to answer normally (as much as you can respond normally to a 'WTF?' question) and turn off the music. Of course, that didn't happen, as the guy only turned the volume down from 'My eardrums are shattered' to 'unbearable' level. He also said something, but since it made no goddamn sense whatsoever, Rob's mind didn't even start to translate it from dumbass to human.

Needless to say, the urge to smack the idiot stayed strong within Rob. As he clenched his fist prepared to beat some sense inside that moron, he noticed a small stone coming at him. Rob quickly jumped back as if he was a tourist trying to avoid being bitten by an angry viper, and had as much success with that, as the stone hit him in the chest. It dealt no damage, except from dirtying his Minnesota T-Wolves shirt which was already far from being clean. But that wasn't important at that point. Someone decided to continue pissing him off, which meant someone's ass seriously asked to be kicked.

The said ass turned out to be the property of a girl, watching Rob and that other idiot from the distance. Nearby, some other girl did poor job with concealing herself. What they were trying to accomplish by throwing stones at them? Rob didn't know, but there was a way to check it. Without hesitation, he took the M15 handgun and pointed it at the girls.




Rob stopped, as (Again!) he could barely hear himself. He took a few steps toward the tree stump where the speakers were assaulting his ears, and he brutally cut the music by throwing them down on the ground with his left hand.

"Much better..." He sighed with relief. "And now, you two there! Come out with your hands in the air, where I can see them. No stupid moves or you're all dead." Rob turned his head toward the annoying guy for a while. "That includes you as well."
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