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((Marion Summers continued from Pearl and Destiny ))

Marion trudged up the path not bothering to hide the yawn. She’d been walking for quite a while, and though the crackers had taken the edge off her hunger, two days without sleep was catching up to her.

She sighed when the speakers crackled to life again. Pulitzer, she reminded herself and pulled out the notebook to record as much of it as she could. She yawned again, hearing the litany of names was becoming numbing. All this death, it was hard to wrap her mind around it.

She rounded the corner and came upon two boys from school. Hanging back, she watched and listened for a second. They seemed to be upset by one of the most recent announcements. If they’re upset most likely they weren’t planning on doing any killing. Her reasoning was probably faulty, but at the moment she was too tired to care.

“Hey,” she said stepping into their line of vision. “You guys don’t mind if I crash here right?” Without waiting for permission she picked a spot off the path and dropped her bag, then sat down next to it using it as a backrest.
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