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Jimmy Brennan stood on the mountainside. The cool breeze whipped his red hair about as he stared off into the distance. The sea looked endless, stretching out into forever. The sun had begun to set not long after Leila and the others had vanished into the treeline at the base of the mountain.

Jimmy didn't care. His pack lay on the ground at his feet, the contents spilled on the rocky hillside. A bottle of water had fallen out and rolled down and out of site, but Jimmy couldn't care less. Whenever would he need to take a drink of water anyways?

His hand involuntarily twitched and he brought it up to his cheek, gently rubbing the brown leather of his glove over where Leila had kissed him. Jimmy lazily looked down to his pack, and to the business card shoved in his hand. He looked at it.

A crude penis had been drawn on the back, along with the words "Fuck you Jimmy Brennan."

Story of my life... Jeremy Franco. You, you, fuck...

Jimmy dropped the card on the ground and watched it flutter away in the breeze. He should have been angry he knew, but then, what was the point? Jeremy Franco was a stupid fuck, but he was gone. They were all gone, the boys he was sure would be his executioner.

They should have killed me, I KNOW they wanted to kill me. That's why I didn't care. But... did she tell them something?

Jimmy shut his eyes and images of Leila flooded his head. He could still here her words clear and seductive, ringing through his brain, interrupting his thoughts.

"I want you to think of me the next time you stroke your dagger. Good luck out there, soldier."

Jimmy couldn't remember the last time a girl had kissed him. He was sure it had happened, sometime, but he couldn't remember when. But it must have happened. He was Jimmy Brennan, he was pretty fucking handsome, to be modest. He cringed slightly with embarrassment, Leila had seen him at... full attention.

Does that even matter? It doesn't matter. She- she didn't seem to, opposed... she... And at least, she SAW it, at least she knows I got the goods, I can... she- Holy FUCK!

Jimmy bent over awkwardly, haphazardly throwing the spilled contents of his bag back into his knapsack.

Fuck this Island. Fuck these people, who can't decide if they want to kill me or not, FUCK Jeremy Franco, and his jokes. Fuck the popular kids, and fuck everyone else just because. I'm still alive and I can make it, I can make it even if I came across fucking Phillip Ward. I'm Jimmy Brennan, I got the girl and I am fucking ALIVE.

Throwing his backpack on his back, Jimmy descended the slope heading into the forest once more. A voice in his head screamed at the stupidity of his decision, screamed that he should head to safety.

Safety? There is no such thing as fucking safety. I can take it, because I'm hardcore. Leila would only kiss me if I was hardcore, and fucking look! She did! I'm Jimmy Brennan, I can decide what's safe and what's not! Fuck this Island, I can make it! I can show those motherfuckers who's boss! I'm not gonna' die, not with my cock up and not with blood left pumping in my veins! Look, look at me! I'm Jimmy Brennan and I make Gods mortal with my hands and my fists! I'll show you all! I'm not a pussy, I'm not a loser! I got the girl and I'm hardcore 100% real American badass!

His courage soaring, Jimmy strode into the tree line, disappearing from sight. Up atop the mountain a crumpled map with the words B134 stenciled on the back flew by in the breeze.

(Jimmy Brennan continues in Late Dawns and Early Sunsets )
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