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"Great, it should be easier to find her with both of us," Garry remarked, quite surprised when Luke mentioned that he didn't have a weapon on him. 'Hmm, he must've lost it somewhere along the line,' he gathered, not worried too much about it. Luke could see that he had a massive weapon, which probably may have put him off from attacking. Then again, he seemed friendly enough so an attack on him wasn't going to happen.

"We need to get going though, we're wasting valuable time and it's getting pretty dark now," Garry uttered, looking up to the night sky and seeing the brightest stars appearing. He grabbed the bags, weapon and beret and pulled the flashlight out his bag, flipping the switch and starting to walk further westward along the coast.

Garry couldn't have walked more than fifteen yards when disaster struck. There was a slight dip in the ground, hidden from view by the darkness and some long tufts of grass. Garry's left foot hit the side of the dip and slipped down towards the centre. Garry gave a cry of pain as the muscles and tendons in his ankle were painfully pulled, the result of which caused him to lose his balance. He knew he was about to fall, so he threw the ji off to the other side so he wouldn't accidentally impale himself on it, the oriental weapon travelling a fair distance before coming to a rest on the grassy slope.

Garry landed on his left side, his arm and shoulder taking the full force of the impact. He was used to taking a tumble when on the ice, but he wasn't wearing any of his padding. Besides, being used to falling over didn't make it hurt any less. Plus the flashlight had been inadvertently thrown in the air and came back down with a whack on his head, his thick matted hair thankfully softening the blow when it did strike.

"Owww... ow, ow ow," Garry cried out, hissing in pain and glaring at the injured body part. He got into a sitting position, scooped up the still-illuminated flashlight and tried standing up again, the ankle deciding it was not going to cooperate with him however. Garry hobbled towards the weapon lying close by, collapsing down onto his knees when it became apparent that he wasn't going to be able to continue much further in that state.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me," he reassured Luke. "I just hurt my ankle, nothing serious, though I think I'll have to wait for a bit, wait for the pain to disappear." Garry exhaled noisily, lying down and staring up at the dark blue sky.


The next thing Garry knew, it was morning.

"Urggnn... whoa, what happened? Did I pass out during the night or something?" Garry asked himself while consciously blinking his eyes to try and get them back into focus. Looking around, he was surprised to see that he wasn't just talking to himself; Luke was still hanging around nearby after all this time. "Oh, hi, didn't expect you to hang around, thought you would have headed off after so long," he said, facing Luke.

And then the speakers came to life. 'Oh heck, here we go again,' Garry thought. Just hearing Danya's voice was causing his blood to boil, never mind the fact he was relishing all the deaths that the students had 'achieved'. The antics of a certain Japanese girl really grabbed Garry's attention.

'Reiko killed again? Holy shit, she killed Raina?' Garry thought, having known the latter while encountering the former earlier on. 'Damn... why is Reiko doing this? Has she got fucking mad or something?'

Things were then about to take a turn for the worse.

"Six and seven came in quick succession at the hands of Maxwell Lombardi, our new favourite Brit first strangling Augustus MacDougal to death-"

'Dougal?! He's... he's been killed?!' Garry thought, looking up with his jaw dropping. 'N-no, it can't be. Dougal can't be dead. Danya's lying, he has to be. Yeah, that's it. He lied about how Reiko had killed Cyrille, so why wouldn't he lie about that? It-it's probably a ploy to get the students to kill each other faster. Yeah, that has to be it. Dougal's safe and sound somewhere.'

Alas, things just got even worse from there.

"Violetta Lindsberg was the next sob story for the evening because in grief for her girlfriend, she blew her own collar."


Garry wasn't even aware that he'd just shouted out at the top of his voice. The one name he didn't want to hear had just been read out. 'No, Violetta... I... he's lying again, he's... no... fuck... I was too late...' As much as Garry wanted to think otherwise, deep down he knew that Danya wasn't lying. Not about Violetta or Dougal or Raina or Eva or any of the others. They were all trully dead.

He'd messed up. He'd really messed up. He'd promised Cyrille that he'd find Violetta, and he blew it. He blew it BIG time. "I fucked up. I-I should've been faster, I should've found her!" Garry cried, picking the beret up and burying his face into it. "I've let her down, I've let Cyrille down! I've let them all down!" He crouched down on the ground and started pounding his fist against the dirt, cursing out loudly with each strike.

After pounding his now-aching fist against the ground fifteen or so times, Garry just rested his head against the dirt and cried his eyes out. Tears for Violetta, Cyrille, Dougal and everyone else who'd fallen victim thus far.
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