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((Quincy Jones cont’d from Searching for Clues))

By the time he got back, things had changed. He couldn’t have been away for much longer than 15 minutes or so, and the situation here didn’t look much like it had changed. The figure still pointed his gun towards Tiffany, and she was hiding in cover, behind the rock she’d almost been sleeping on. He felt a pang of guilt as she cried out for his help.

Still, there had been one major change, and that was where Quince himself was. He’d come back by a different route, and now was behind the armed man, and he had the golf club. He figured that this was the best chance he’d have. He’d already killed two people. What would a third one be?

Tiffany would see. The idea that she would reel away from him in disgust if she saw him kill. Sure, he could play up the Mike’s as self defence, and this one as well perhaps, but there was an easier way to play it. He snuck up behind the threat.

“You put the gun down, and we’ll make sure you don’t end up on tomorrows list. Now, you’re outflanked, out manned and out gunned. Be sensible here.” Even if the guy moved to turn the weapon on him, Quince was close enough to lunge at him and throw his aim before he would be shot. He hoped.
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